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home renovation Barcelona


If you want to discuss your requirement please go to the Contact page.



Small repairs

We are able to offer our services for small or large requests e.g. we can help you with anything from a dripping tap or a new light switch right up to a complete flat renovation. No job is too small so please contact us with your requests. We are happy to help.


Complete home renovations

We have a lot of experience renovating many apartments in Barcelona. Renovation typically involves painting and decorating  walls, ceilings, doors, windows and often tiling repairs or new tiling in kitchens and bathrooms. These projects often involve new shower and bath installations with new plumbing and electrical installations. When we work on large projects we will work as a team with our partners to make sure everything is completed on time and on budget.


Kitchen and bathroom upgrades

If you need help removing an old kitchen or bathroom and installing a new one then please contact us.


Painting and Decorating

We have a lot of experience painting and decorating in many Eixample apartments in the center of Barcelona including careful restoration of original wood or plaster moulded decoration and detailing often found in these classic old flats.


Bespoke carpentry

We have people in the team that are brilliant with carpentry. We can follow your design and ideas to make custom designed beds, bunk beds, cupboards and shelves etc.



We have excellent experience with tiling using modern techniques while often working with very rare and special Catalan style old tiles. We can also help you find old original tiles.


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